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Friday, 07 June 2013 03:36

Interview Questions for CAD

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1. What is the difference between point/int lim-on and lim-off

2. What is the difference between surf1/geo extra and limit2/extrapol?

3. Expand CATIAV5?

4. What is the difference between face, surface and skin?

5. What is the difference between parametric and nonparametric modeling

6. What is hlr and nhr explain?

7. What is the difference between isolate and separate?

8. What is the use of form tool function?

9. Which is the better to split the solid a) surface b) plane c) face?

10. What is the difference between spine and spline?

11. Diff. b/w surf1 connect & surf2 fillet

12. How you will delete the surface if the face is created by surface?

13. What are master w/s and detail w/s?

14. What is difference between curve1 project and combine?

15. Is it possible to split by using sewing operation?

16. Purpose of IUA

17. How you will convert ccv into crv

18. What is the difference between tangent continuity and curvature continuity?

19. What are solid primitives?

20. How you are setting attribute to a particular file

21. Is it possible to do shell operation to sphere

22. Difference between surf1+cylinder & surf1+depth

23. How do you grab a picture from main window?

24. How many types of environment is available to start Catia

25. Mention different starting modes in Catia. Explain each briefly?

26. What does '/CLN' command do?

27. What do you mean by 'cold start' and 'warm start'?

28. What is functional surface?

29. Name any 5 licenses of CATIA?

30. How do you see more than one model simultaneously (in one screen)?

31. What is 'PARTEDITOR'?

32. What are the different options available in quick trim command?

33. What is the difference between AUXVIEW and AUXVIEW2?

34. What is DETAIL?

35. How do you draw centrelines of circle in draft?

36. What are (/is) the tools used to capture 2D-3D models?

37. What is 'skin'? How so you create?

38. Does (/will) geometry constraining in sketcher help in parameterize?

39. Name any 3 functions of LIM2?

40. Name any 3 methods of creating a 3 point curve?

41. What is the difference (/what does this command do) LIM2+SURF+EXTRAPOLATE AND SURF+GEO+ EXTRAPOLATE?

42. Give any 3 functions of FORMTOOL?

43. How do you give the skin command?

44. What is "LAW"?

45. What checks do you perform between surfaces with common boundaries?

46. What is "spine"?

47. What is "/anadia" ?

48. What is the full form of NURBS?

49. What do you (or how do you) do hatching in drafting?

50. Give any 2 (or what are the) functions of UTILITY?

Download: CAD Interview Questions  Module1

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